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Nowhere, Now Here(2021)

screen printing on the window screen, acrylic paint, etc. (Photo: Yassine Elmansouri, sculpture (foreground) by Troy Taylor @The Parlour, Baltimore, MD)

Dimensions Variable


My print installation, Nowhere, Now Here, is a nomadic project presenting a souvenir collection by my grandfather. Inside the glass cabinet with dust, various souvenirs from East and South Asia, Africa, Europe, and North America have been arranged like a temple of memory from the past, current, and future. Here, we encounter overlapping selective memories of stories and in-between spaces. Through chaotic composition without centralized categories, I build a non-hierarchical world through installation from temporal space. The intent of displaying all of the silkscreen prints together is to open viewers’ eyes and hearts to find the importance of co-existence. Souvenirs reflect various cultural histories of trading across countries and aspects of social-political relationships. Hegemonic competition and hierarchical inequality concepts based on colonialism and capitalism exist and continue to the next generations repetitively and secularly.

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