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Que Sera Sera (2020)

leftover scrap wood, casting mold, slip-casted ceramics, angled grinder, unfinished works-in-progressetc.

Printing/casting progress represents the act of copying and the direct reproduction process with no taste from the authenticity of imitation. There exists a vulnerability to finding aesthetic perspectives from the crisis of civilization toward art with a loss of aura and value. The Paradoxical paradigm of mass production shifts the value of art from artistic labor by giving signals to endanger society with nonsense from systemic waste.

Walter Benjamin's "The Work of Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction" (1935) critically presents perpetual aspects of the means of production regarding the politics of art in capitalism and socialism. Through the infinite working staged progress of mass production, mechanically produced art under the superstructure of the economy has the potential to have accessible and affordable efficiencies. However, it evokes losing time of existence, labor sights from terrible conditions, and oppression of suffering. The means of
production with tensions under controlled space reveals the parasitic reality of the things that develop a capitalistic economy by manipulation and decontextualization.

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