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At My Mother's Knee(2022)

Silkscreen on window screen, thread, poplar, maple, plaster fabrics etc. (Photo: Janice Lardey, Clara Delgado)

At My Mother's Knee is an assemblage where I created connected edges of screen-printed window screens and grandmother's textile fabrics that were stored in old wooden cabinets. At My Mother's Knee shows the theme of in-between spaces of memories from the Korean family's lives, especially about the mother who dedicated her lifetime to a patriarchal family. I map out my interests from the family's photo album into a furniture-like sliding window or door structure beyond the threshold. I focused on the background with the view of the house and empty figures, which indicated color impressions from my childhood memories.

As gentrifications, it is hard to see the mountain scenes at the grandparent’s house. Many concrete buildings absurdly deconstructed and reconstructed. I looked back to see the garden in the past before the demolition of Grandma’s home through family photo albums.

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